5. Criticising architecture.

As I have said before, Melbourne lacks any serious architectural criticism. Apart from one eclectic series on pay TV and The Architects on RRR, there is none.  Nothing in The Age, nor The Australian, and only design generally in The Saturday Paper. I see the main job of the AIA (the Australian one, not the USA one) as promoting and explaining architecture to the intelligent public (but apart from the self-congratulary annual Awards), that it neglects to do. 

Classical and popular music, literature, art, theatre, dance, crafts, even poetry are all reviewed seriously, but not architecture. The AIA should be ashamed.

Years ago, this was not so. There was a weekly article in The Age by they director of the Small Homes Service (Robin Boyd, Neil Clerehen and then Jack Clarke). Neil and Norman Day continued this practice intermittently.

It is a task that has to be done by an architect, or someone with deep professional knowledge of architecture, and who is fearless to evaluate the work of their peers, as in the other disciplines. Journalism is not enough. 

 Architecture in Melbourne is worthy of serious regular analysis and evaluation.Like so many things Robin Boyd initiated, this has lapsed.

Sadly, tonight is the last of The Architects shows. Will anyone replace them?

Tuesday 9 December 2014, THE ARCHITECTS FINAL SHOW live from RIVERLAND

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