Fences and Gates

c1840 - 1925. National Trust Technical Bulletin 8.1. A guide to identification, Conservation and Restoration of Historic Fences and Gates c.1840 - 1925

National Trust of Australia (Victoria). Melbourne, December 1988.

Long out of print, never re-published and still the only study of the Australian fascination with containment and boundary; including numerous of my sketches of exotic enclosures, many now vanished.

So far only 2 sample pages of almost 90 pages of this still relevant guidebook are scanned and included here. In progress.

Also refer to: Richard Peterson, ‘Fences’ and ‘Gates and Gate Lodges’ in Richard Aitken & Michael Looker, Eds, The Oxford Companion to Australian Gardens, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2002, pp 210, 255, and 256.